About Metropollie Skateboard

Metropollie Manifesto

We believe in Skateboard As a life form. We defend freedom. We believe that ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation should not be a condition that weighs down anyone to be happy. We are social animals and our habitat is cities. We have lived on this planet since the 1960s and we will do our best to take care of it.

We came to stay.

Metropollie Skateboard en la calle

We are the digital brand of skateboards and Spanish urban lifestyle 100% online.

Metropollie born under the values of skate and the urban world. It is a way of understanding the street and sports. The name itself refers to a Metropolis, to the city and, to a Ollie, name of the basic trick of the skateboard.

The decision to combine these two terms puts us where we want to be: in the streets of the cities, together with skaters like you, supporting your effort and self-improvement.

Our goal is to offer premium products at affordable prices, precisely because it lacks distributors and intermediaries and because of the social commitment we have. We want to have direct contact with you and develop a fundamental relationship to understand your needs.

Our catalog is made up of hard material of skateboarding, Clothes and accessories, and is characterized by sophisticated, careful and eye-catching designs.

At Metropollie, you can find an extensive catalog of tables of skate high quality, skateboards complete, wheels and sandpaper to mount your skate to your liking. We will increase our offer of products from skate. The Metropollie offering is completed by a wide selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks and caps based on the original designs that appear in the tables themselves.

We produce in the Peninsula hand in hand with local manufacturers and suppliers, applying the concept of proximity production. This way of creating our products allows us to have a lot of control of the processes and guarantee the highest quality. We identify with people committed to their environment, with values, men and women in solidarity who pursue a more just and egalitarian society.

Each design has been created in an exclusive way, adapted to the boards, t-shirts and sweatshirts, making each piece unique and different. Design is one of the fundamental pillars of the brand.