Betty: who would be the leading Spanish skater girls

Betty: the series about urban female skateboarding

The series is about what it means to be some girls who skate in a predominantly male world such as skateparks. The five protagonists have been selected from among girls who skate, none previously having experience in the world of acting. None of the girls chosen to act in the series was one of those who won competitions, but all saw skateboarding as a fundamental part of their being.

The first season of Betty It is made up of 6 short episodes (of 25 minutes) that depict the day-to-day life of 5 young New York skater girls. The series is the television adaptation of the independent film Skate Kitchen which was so successful at the 2018 Sundance Festival. 

Betty is shot in a film-like format, it has the look of a documentary at many points, with very close camera angles and dialogue that seems almost improvised. There are also more traditional scenes. However, the scenes that evoke spontaneity, where the five of them are skating or just chatting, are where the show crackles with energy.

The 5 actresses skaters; Betty protagonists

Rachelle vinberg (Camille) 

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Tune into ep 5 tomorrow. Shit gets real. 11pm on HBO

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Ajani russell (Indigo)

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A whole season of Betty has come and gone (well not really y’all can still stream it on HBO 😂) wow .. Our crew has 5 black girls in it. BIPoC SHARING THEIR OWN STORIES !! unfortunately that hasn’t been a normal thing I’ve seen on TV. I'm glad we are finally getting the space we've been fighting for, for too long, to have our voices heard. To talk about things that are brushed under the rug, our passions that might be ignored in other circumstances. We’ve put a great deal of our hearts into this project over the passed few years. thank you for giving us a chance to share our stories. @crystalmoselle and @alliahsophia y’all mean the world to me. These are just some of our thoughts and ideas can’t wait to hopefully bring you guys more 🖤🖤 SO GO WATCH @BETTYHBO IF YOU HAVENT !! (thank you @gayyearning for this video it's so cute 🥴🐐)

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Nina moran (Kirt) 

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#girlsshred #girlsshredclips #girlsshredtoo

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Dade lovelace (Janay) 

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Staying focused on and off of the board.

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Moonbear (Honeybear) 

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What year y'all think my titties gon start sagging 🤔

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The Bettys of Spain: urban skate girls

If one day a series like Betty had to be produced in our country, then we include a list of skategirls who live in Spain who would be perfect to interpret Camile, Indigo, Kirt, Janey or Honeybear. Our skater girls are street, with their own style and very, very talented skating. We have chosen 15 and they are not arranged in any specific order.

Almudena Navas

Tania cruz 

Maria Yanderesoul Navarrese

Rebecca Rebokskater Novick

Laura Daafne Peréz


Camila ruiz

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without a doubt one of my favorite tricks 🥴

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Lucia Belda

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The first of the year💫🖤

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Andrea Wilshusen

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What name do you make up for this nocomply? ⚡😷💜. . After +50 days locked up at home, returning to the essence of skateboarding for me this has been the happiest: Feeling the sound of the wheels on the asphalt, the wind in your face, and closing your eyes while breathing deeply the smell of the "freedom". See my friends in the distance but knowing that they are there, smiling inside the mask ... Feel the nerves in your whole being as if they were the first skate days of your entire life. Back to the roots of the happiness of this wood with wheels. It is a freedom that barely lasts two hours, but that gives you the energy to continue defeating this strange situation. 🙏 Learn to communicate from a distance, without hugs and without holding hands, other ways of loving and showing mutual support !!! I love you antodxs! Strength and encouragement friends! And those of you who are on the other side of the planet, maximum strength !! I carry you in my heart !! 💜 Solidarity and self-management as a form of resistance! . . . . @marsimodutti thanks for the covered smiles sister, I love you! I adore you all !! ☀ alcohol gel !!!!!!! . . . #skateboarding #love #cuarentena # covid19 #skate #girls #skatevideos #skateclips #girlswhoskate #womendoskate #nocomply #street #streetskate #skatergirls #women #barcelona

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Maria Soler

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Glori🌞 💞 @ _sk8nelson 💥

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Belen Bixbites


Laura Aguado


bruise Skinny Mere


Júlia Francés Pons


Fatima Mounsif Fun

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The thing goes from walls 🌸🌸

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Tasting Diaz